What is Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling

Christians are not immune to the problems of this world. We have an enemy that seeks to steal, kill and destroy in an effort to sabotage our relationship with Jesus. This may come through personal or relational difficulties, overwhelming life challenges and decisions, depression, fear or anxiety, unfulfilled expectations or past traumatic experiences that are still impacting you today.

But Jesus has come to provide us with LIFE that will bring healing and hope.

Crossways to Life is a Christian counseling and training ministry utilizing spiritual/biblical principles that specialises in dealing with our problems by discovering who we are in Christ and who Christ is in us. Our mission is to know Jesus Christ and make disciples who experience life in Him through the message of the cross.

We prefer to use to the term Christ-centered counseling rather than Christian counseling to describe what we do. For the counseling we offer is not merely pyschotherapy that happens to be led by a Christian. Instead, we employ a method of counseling that utilizes spiritual and Biblical counseling principles to help understand how Jesus and the good news of the gospel will help you find freedom, contentment and life. For we believe the Jesus is our answer.

In this kind of counseling, the Holy Spirit, not the counsellor, is the ultimate therapist and healer. God becomes the agent of change, provided the counselee cooperates with Him. Our goal is to convey a way of freedom from mental and emotional symptoms, family and marital conflict, as well as other difficulties, utilizing exchanged life principles.

Our areas of counseling experience include, but are not limited to: marriage counseling, depression, addictive behaviours, emotional disorders such as dealing with stress and/or anxiety, dealing with past trauma and helping you grow deeper in your walk with God.

At Crossways to Life, you will find a safe place of acceptance to express and process the issues of your life. To set up an appointment for a personal counseling session, or for more information, please contact our office at 519-742-1900 and ask to speak with one of our staff counselors.

If you would like to read more about our approach to Christian counseling that is more than just counseling done by Christians, please read the article "What is Christian Counseling?" by Bill Gillham.