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This world is not easy. The pressures that come from the demands on us by our families, friends, work and even ourselves can feel overbearing at times. We try and develop plans to make life easy but they never seem to be enough. So we search for new methods, new diets, new energy drinks only to find ourselves back where we started. Things begin to feel hopeless.

Grace changes everything

Grace changes everything.

Grace is more than just forgiveness and love. Grace is the power of God to live life each and every day. It is more than a method or a formula. It is the person of Jesus Christ.

We have many different courses and events where you and your friends can come discover how to experience and live from God's Grace everyday. Even if you have attended one of these events before, maybe you will benefit from hearing it again and maybe there is a friend or two that would benefit from hearing it for the first time.

Check them out below or visit our Eventbrite website.

Romans 5-8 Conference

February 21-23, 2019 at the office of Crossways to Life

Romans 5-8

The greatest choice ever made is receiving God's love and His gift of salvation. But after you pray a sinner's prayer, now what? Where do we go from here?

The good news is that God's forgiveness and acceptance was only our introduction to grace. We now begin a journey of grace with Jesus where we discover hope, healing and a new way to live and this is all laid out in Romans chapters 5 through 8.

For this reason, Crossways to Life is hosting a weekend conference February 21-23 which examines chapters 5 thru 8, the heart of the book, verse by verse to help discover the power of grace and what it means to have the life of Christ.

You can register online or check out our brochure. You can also listen to a sample of what this conference will include here.

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